Tiktok Update

Hey my bookish Babes! 


I have decided that will be your name because I like it and I wouldn't mind being called that. I know no one is actually reading these posts and it's unlikely I will ever get much traffic here, but a girl can dream right? I have been thinking a lot about my experience with Booktok and SmallbusinessTok and I am trying to do the best for my shop and driving traffic, so I've come up with the most Brillant idea in my opinion. 

Here it is: A book box, but it's different. I will have smutty boxes, I will have romcom boxes and fantasy. The box will have goodies of all types and the book in the genre of your choice. From bookmarks, to snacks to stickers and other merch. I am thinking we could have a space on discord to talk about that month's book like it's a book club! You would preorder this box and then by the first of whatever month you would be sorted into the different groups and shipped the boxes. It could be so exciting whether you are on TikTok filming or just watching from your home! I think it could bring communities together and really foster friendship.

Ugh it's so exciting but I don't know where to start! 


What do you guys think? Would this be something you are interested in? 


Until Next Time, 


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