Series Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Series Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Hey Bookish Babes, 

I have upped my game this month and I am going to try and read as many books as I can in the next month. This has come to me that I need to read more audiobooks and prioritize reading. I have set a goal to double what I read last month and read 20 books. I am on a good start because today I finished the Summer I Turned Pretty series. 

I was not sure if I wanted to make this review and decided at last, I was. Unpopular opinion but I did not like this series. I was not impressed with all the hype, and I just do not think this is something that was all worth the hype. It was needy and gave me no drive to push forward. I am so glad I just read the audiobooks and did not buy them. I wanted so badly to like them, and I was going to watch the show, but she was honestly an annoying pick me girl and I just was not into it. 

There was no spice and I do not like the plot maybe I would feel differently if I had the physical book and tried to read it this way, but I am unsure if this is something I am into. I just don't think I am into the brothers liking the same girl. They are just not my thing and I think the entire plot was pointless. There was no point in the entire series. Like they take three books to give us just the epilogue and in that last chapter she isn't even with the person who you think she is going to try and be with. I just do not think she needed to be with either of them and it was a stupid pointless story. I am trying to be nice and I'm glad it had a happyish ending but it's not worth the hype. 

Entire Series: 3/5

Book One: 3/5

Book Two: 2/5

Book Three: 4/5

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