Book Review - Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Book Review - Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Hey Book Buddies! 

I have started the Hopeless series and I was unsure of what to expect because Colleen Hoover always stuns me with her mind. She has some sort of dark twist in every story, and I had thought the book was predictable, but I truly could not have come up with the ending that she gave the story. I am looking forward to reading Losing Hope because I need to know more than I got from the end of this book. 

My scores are: 

4/5 Overall 

2.5/5 Spice 

This book was not one you read for pure spice. It has a lot of dark and almost hard to read twists. I found myself wanting more but wanting Skye's pain to end. I have no idea how to cope with everything we were told in the first book, and I am hoping we get happier and steamier from Losing Hope. Knowing Colleen, I am sure we will not be getting a happy ending... 

Overall, I would recommend to most people, and it is definitely something I would prefer to not know my family read. 

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