Book Review: When the Night Bells Ring

Book Review: When the Night Bells Ring

Welcome back to another episode of what Emmy is reading. 

On Monday I completely read this book cover to cover. 

When I tell you this book was not at all what I expected I absolutely mean it. I picked up this book off the instant reads net galley shelf. I love a good audiobook and there was not much else that caught my eye. The cover, the voices they use in the audio, the story line, the plot, the build and even the ending all had me going. The book is something like no other. A dystopian take on the worlds end and man did I miss books like this, and I want more of this.

It is dystopian. It is divergent meets stranger things meets saw. I am so thankful for net galley and Jo Kaplan to have been able to read this book and find a world where climate change (an actual fear currently) has so vastly affected what we know. It is worth a try, and it is an amazing eye-opening experience from cover to cover. By the end you will be thinking about our world and if you would make the same choices the girls in this story had.

Plot 5/5 (Keeps you wanting more, I could not put it down)
Storyline: 5/5 (Had me going the entire time)
Horror: 4/5 (It's one of those that makes you think and that's scary on its own)
Character Developoment: 4/5 (Not sure I loved the decisions she makes in the end)
Audio Quality: 5/5 (I loved the voices they did in this audiobook)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and wish I was able to read it again for the first time. Jo Kaplan does an amazing job of keeping you wanting more. I also LOVE when they insert journal entries into books because it mixes it up and he did an amazing job at this.

Thank you for reading in again, 


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